Ins and Outs – my first!

I’ve always liked people’s posts about Ins and Outs but never did one myself. There’s a first for everything so here it goes!


Vampire Diaries (TV show)
-Much to my husband’s dismay, I’m into teenage vampires again. Yes. Fantastic show. Especially the brothers Salvatore. It’s been a great filler and lead-up to New Moon. I just bought the books this weekend and expect to plow through them this week.

NARs Blush – Madly
I’ve already reviewed this I know. I love this blush and have been wearing it daily. Thank goodness I found it again!

NARS Indian Summer duo
These have been my go-to neutral shadows of the past month. The mustard colour is so suprisingly wearable.

Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly shampoo/conditioner and mousse
I was sent these products to try and have been using these three products every day for the past month. I wasn’t a fan of Herbal Essences shampoo before (didn’t like the packaging or the product) but I’m liking this formulation. Hair feels soft, and touchable, not greasy. I’m already halfway done both bottles of conditioner and shampoo.

Dior Iconic Mascara
I’m LOVING this mascara. Love how my lashes look when I’ve applied this — no smudging or clumps and the wand is perfect for my short and sparse lashes.

Sephora’s Holiday catalogue
It came in the mail today! My kids were poring over the Toys r Us catalogue last week but this week it’s my turn with this goodie.


Time Change
I loved that we got an extra hour of sleep this weekend but not loving coming home in the dark.

Clumpy Mascara
My former HG of mascaras let me down this weekend — L’Oreal Voluminous. I just opened the package less than two weeks ago and when I went to put it on this weekend, the product was getting clumpy! Not good!

Cold Weather
It’s getting cooler and cooler by the day and I know the snow will start soon. I don’t mind winter normally but we had such a short summer this year. Can’t it be summer all year long?

What are your Ins and Outs?


  1. Carine says

    I totally agree with you about Dior iconic mascara, it's the best mascara i've tried so far. But about the vampire diaries..i was so disâppointed. It's just a cheaper version of twilight for me :/ (and i don't even like twilight so..)Sorry, i know you like it, don't want to offend you ^^

  2. su-pah says

    omg, i have the same kind of lashes and diorshow blackout is my HG. I do steer clear of plastic wands though, they do nothing, NOTHING for my lashes.
    i have dying to find a good drugstore dupe for blackout, but know none.

    love this post, i have been tempted to try it too and now that you've done it, i may partake too. 😉

  3. Lipstick Rules says

    @Carine: No offense taken re: Vampire Diaries. It is total cheese and melodramatic…I think that is why I like it! total escapism

    @Su-pah: do it girl!

    @Eva and ButtonSoph: The show is a guilty pleasure 😉

  4. Shadowy Lady says

    I def agree with cold weather being out. I'm not too much of twilight and Vamp Diaries fan (as in I hate them, lol!), I looooove True Blood though, can't wait for third season

  5. Lipstick Rules says

    @Shadowy Lady: I love True Blood too! It's the only Vampire show the Husband will watch with me…I have a thing clearly with the vampires lately. LOL.

  6. Mama Mish Mash says

    I've watched a couple episode of the Vampire Diaries but couldn't get into it so I caught up on Dexter from season 1 to present.

    I have to agree with you on the timechange…I hate that it's dark at 4pm…so depressing plus the kids get cabin fever (and me too!).

  7. Karen says

    In: Cinnabon with extra frosting, bow ties for cats, hot pink hair clip-in extensions, Glee, rainbow toe socks.

    Outs: sit ups (blah), hotel rooms that smell like beef jerky, chewy boiled chicken.

  8. Ondine says

    You're making me jealous – Sephora STILL don't ship to the UK despite my countless pleas! Ha ha. Must check out Vampire Diaries…
    I agree – this time change is taking quite some getting used to.

  9. em says

    ha! I've been watching vampire diaries too, my only issue is that the main vamp guy looks at least 10years too old for high school 😀

  10. yorkieluvs says

    My last couple tubes of L'oreal voluminous have been flaky and smudgy, they clumped really fast too. I've been wearing this mascara for ages and never had any issues. Maybe a bad batch, hope they didn't change the formula. I love the Nars Indian Summer duo too! <3

  11. Lipstick Rules says

    thanks for the comments ladies!

    Agree that the brothers Salvatore are way too old to be "17" but heck, I can't stop watching.

    Love Cinnabon too!!

    @Yorkieluvs: I hope you are right and that it's just a bad batch!

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