New lipstick love: MAC Blood Red with Bling Black Glimmerglass

(MAC lipstick in Blood Red with Bling Black glimmerglass)

I confess. I ‘hauled’ again. The temptations continued as I kept seeing all the great wearable looks using Style Black, especially Karen’s on Makeup and Beauty Blog. I hauled 2 shadows (thanks su-pah –they are the ones you blogged about this weekend!!), the Greasepaint stick in Black, a Glimmerglass in Bling Black and one product from DSquared, the Lustre lipstick in Blood Red.

Today I thought I’d share the lip look I created using Blood Red (more of a fushcia/berry colour – gorgeous gorgeous!) with Bling Black on top. On its own Blood Red needs a few swipes to get the colour to be as intense as it looks. It is such a pretty colour that I think livens up my face. With Bling Black on top, there’s a whole new dimension to the colour. You can see the gold reflects and the colour deepens. I love it! I can’t wait to try Bling Black on other lippies. I never thought I’d actually ever buy a lipgloss that was black and gold.

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