1 product, 5 Looks Challenge: Illamasqua Fable lipstick

As many of you remember, I did some major beauty binge-ing with Illamasqua at the start of the summer. One of the products I ordered was a lipstick called Fable, a pretty matte bubblegum pink. I picked it based on the swatch online as I was looking for a pretty light pink for the summer. When I got it though, it wasn’t the colour I expected it to be. The colour is very pigmented and milky. I thought it would be a softer pink.

It’s pretty enough, but I’m not convinced it suits my NC35/37 skintone. On me, it is too blue-based and pale so it looks ‘off’ on my face. Below, I show a ‘sad’ me. LOL.

But I want to make this lipstick work as I do love the quality of the Illamasqua lipsticks.

So, I’ve selected this lipstick to be the next lippie to be featured in my “1 Product, 5 Looks” Challenge.

Stay tuned for the results next week.

On another note, I encourage you to visit Stefanie at the Lip Print who has taken up this challenge as well. Stefanie has been posting different looks you can do with red lipstick. Very cool!


  1. Sher says

    what I do for lipsticks that are too pale on me is I apply it in a blotting motion, and then rub my fingerover it so it looks kinda like a stain 🙂 works every time! I love that colour though 🙂

  2. Krystallia says

    WIth a lipgloss over it u can make it work for you!!Illamasqua looks great but i dont trust to order on line since their swatches on their site are like a cartoon,no real colour so u can see what to buy ;))

  3. My Humble Reviews says

    I am looking forward to see your 5 looks with it.And hey,if you like the color,who cares,wear it.Illamasqua is all about your alter ego,right? 🙂

    @Krystallia-there are a lot of bloggers who post swatches of Illamasqua products.Check them out.

  4. Stefanie says

    It's a very pretty colour, maybe you'd like it better blotted and with some gloss? I have the sae trouble with pink lipsticks sometimes, but I do think it looks pretty on you ♥

  5. Mama Jen says

    it is a few pretty color…but you are right it may be a tad to soft.pale for your skintone

    i would say to just pad it on and then add a gloss..thats what i do to get a l/s to work for me..lol

  6. Michelle (Lipstick Rules) says

    Thanks for the tips ladies! I'm looking forward to seeing how to change this colour using gloss and pencils!

  7. Farah says

    You could apply a darker or different toned lip liner under it and then apply a thin layer of the lipstick and even a different colored gloss over it.

    I guess sometimes these things happen when you have to go by a tiny swatch online huh..

  8. Marcela S. P. says

    Hey Michelle! It's a pity you're not too happy with the colour, since it's so pretty! What I do when a l/s looks off on me is layer it over a liner or apply a different colour gloss on top. Experiment, you may find a HG combo!

  9. Monica says

    Yipee Illamasqua! I just bought a few Illamasqua items at Selfridges (including the Dixie cream blush) & can't wait to post pics & reviews. My bank account is not too happy though! Girl, makeup addictions are bad, must go on a no buy soon:)

  10. Catherine says

    Aww, I actually think this could look really pretty on you paired with the right eyes and blush. MAC Creme Cup looked way worse on me – it pulled downright lilac – and nothing I did could make it seem pale pink. =/

  11. Michelle (Lipstick Rules) says

    thanks for the tips ladies. i will try all of them and get back to you with what i come up with. good night!

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