QOTD: Just one more – do you tend to buy more of the same?

I was attempting to organize my makeup collection and I saw some patterns emerge:

  • pink is clearly a go-to colour when it comes to lip gloss and lipstick. From light nude pinks to bright red pinks, I have seem to keep buying and buying… kind of like the Energizer bunny of makeup. LOL.
  • brown and taupe eyeshadow. For some, these might seem boring boring but I seem to gravitate to anything brown or taupe. Even if the differences are barely noticeable to some, I can see the difference. Know what I mean?
  • pink also seems to be a weakness for me in the blush. Whether it’s a light pink, bright pink or a coral/pink, I love it and have hoarded it. Not sure if I’ll be able to stop.

I have long recognized a need to use up these products before getting more. I have been making good strides with Operation Lipstick Love and maybe need to extend it to these products too.

How about you? What patterns are there in your makeup arsenal? Are there products that you keep buying and buying even though you have similar items already?

I’m on fire. A week away has me inspired with some new post ideas! Too bad my issue with Blogger still remains (still can’t ‘manage’ the blogs I’m following and still MIA as a follower on many of the blogs I follow!).


  1. Deborah says

    i always gravitate towards purple. purple eyeshadow and fushia lipsticks…thats me. oh and peachy goldy blushers. total sucker for them.

  2. Lipglossiping says

    black eyeliners – i really don't need so many! and eyeliner brushes – I think I just can't come to termss with the fact that my fav brush only costs ยฃ1 so I keep trying others, but nothing beats it!

  3. Yi says

    Im just keey picking all type of brown or taupe eyeshadow , cos I know Iยดd wear them the most ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Robert Smith's Mistress says

    I noticed a few weeks ago when doing a clear out also that I continually purchase berry/plum lipsticks and grey eyeshadow so since then I have been making an effort when buying stuff to try some products and colours that I normally wouldn't go for.

    This is my way small way of trying to justify what I purchase!



  5. Krystallia says

    You are so right!!!I have browns,pinks purples and taupes blushes in pink and peach and lipsticks in pinks and nudes.Not only i keep buying the same shades again and again just because they are a new collectionor in pretty boxes but also i would need a lifetime to finish all of them.What an obsession we have??I wonder…Where does this come from??

  6. maya says

    *Raises hand in shame* Yep, I clearly have a problem. I keep buying taupes and browns too. And even if to most people they're identical to another shadow I own. To me there's no such thing. Texture, undertone, colour pay-off can make a big difference, so to me no taupe eye shadow is the same, unless of course it carries the same name!
    Also, I have to admit I am always looking for the perfect Taupe!

    P.S: Love your blog! โ™ฅ

  7. Sher says

    sorta.. I used to buy the same hues, but the past few years I like to change my look. SO I have a lot of say pink, red and nude lipsticks…. my shadow collex is diverse enough though I have some repeating shades (just vary in different ways: shimmer, matte etc..).

  8. Glitterish Allsorts says

    I have an endless amount of baby pink blushes as well as several black liquid eyeliners and dozens of golden/copper shades of eyeshadow!

    Sometimes I think i'm in a rut, other times I think you can never have too much of a good thing :p

  9. PrincessPinkcat says

    With eyeshadows I tend to always look for colors I don't have. With eyeliner though I always gravitate toward black, and with lipstick and glosses, it's always beige or pinks.

  10. Nicole says

    i share 2 patterns with you, pink blush, and brown eyeshadows.

    i try to buy other shades other that brown but no matter what i always seems to to a neutral look with brown in the crease. their just so pretty!

  11. Bollywoodwonder9 says

    I always go to pink lipsticks and pink blushes. I also buy a ton of crazy colored eyeshadow but it just sits in my collection accumulating dust. I can't use those colors everyday so I don't think it's that bad that you have a ton of browns and taupes! At least, you can use them! ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. Replica says

    Mine seem to be taupe eyeshadows (seeing a trend here) pinky brown lipsticks and turquoise eyeliners. I think I must be looking for the ultimate one ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Stefanie says

    Great post! I have a real mix of colours but shimmery nude eyeshadows, pink blush and red nail polish are what fill up my collection!

  14. Catherine says

    Hehehe, I know I definitely gravitate to the same colors over and over. I love coral lipsticks and usually choose ones that are too light to really show up on my lips, and I also love blues/teal eyeshadows as well as peach/gold/brown neutrals. I try pretty hard to keep a mental inventory of my stash so I don't buy dupes or close-enoughs though.


    oh my god. i'm like you when it comes to eyeshadows. i have to force myself to purchase different colour eyeshadows so my stash looks different lol.

    i love coral and pink-ish blushes so i have a bunch of those.

    lip products hmm..i like berry colours!

  16. Christina says

    I always go for Gold Eyeshadows, I have no idea why. Everytime a new mac collection comes out Gold e/s is the 1st thing I look at.
    I seriously need to try new colours hehe. ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  17. Kristin says

    My collectors’ items are light-to-medium pink and rose lipsticks. These comprise about 75% of my overall lipstick collection. But I comfort myself with the fact that they’re all just a little different from one another. Pink and rosy shades are definitely where I live when it comes to lipstick.

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