OOPs…I made a mistake!

I admit it, I often make mistakes when applying makeup. Especially early in the morning when I haven’t had a cup of coffee.

Whether it’s drawing a crooked line with the gel eyeliner or applying blush too heavily in bad lighting, I’ve done it. Because I’m so time crunched in the morning, I rarely start over. Instead I tend to try and fix it or simply, try to hide it. If I can’t fix it, I just go with it. On those days it drives me nuts though — even though no one else notices, I do! LOL.

I’ve learned some tricks though to help mask some mistakes. Thought I’d share a couple:

– Too much blush: I use a big kabuki brush to try to buff, buff it down. Or, I use NARs Nico blush to diffuse the colour. Nico is marketed as a blush but it is an amazing highlighter as well. It can also create a luminous glow on top of the blush. It is one of my HG items and I actually think I might hit pan on it soon! Rare for me 😉

– Eyeliner mistakes? I just try to blend it/smoke it out or add a darker shadow on top. If it’s gel liner, it’s a little more difficult so I tend to just add a bit here a bit there with the liner to get as close to perfect line as possible. Sometimes it’s just plain old bad and either I remove it altogether and go without for the day or just go out that way — hoping it isn’t overly noticeable.

Would love to know what you think and whether you have any tips to share. Do you start all over again if you make a mistake?

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    thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

    they're some great tips.

    q-tips are my best friends when it comes to liner mistakes! i'm so clumsy lol.

  2. Glitterish Allsorts says

    If i use too much blish I sometimes tone it down by applying translucent powder over it.

    And I always keep Q tips with my make up remover in case i make mistakes with the eyeliner or get mascara on my browbone (which is often!)

    I also sometimes dust powder on my eyelids before mascara to give them a little extra thickness. It works really well!

  3. Nefertari says

    Eyeliner problems are always horrible because it's always when the whole make-up is done. I try it to cover it as well as i can with eyeshadows…and then I just hope nobody will notice it 😉

  4. Cat@catslittleobsessions says

    i always dip a little cotton wool bud (q tip) into make up remover and wipe off the smudge of eyeliner then use the eyeshadow brush ive been using, to apply a tiny bit of shadow into the mark!! xxx

  5. Catherine says

    Love your tips. =) Luckily I don't use gel eyeliner so I usually don't have liner issues. I use a big fluffy brush to blend my blush everyday too ehehehe. I think the problem I usually have is when I accidentally make a mascara brush print on my lid while applying. To fix that I usually dab at it quickly with my finger to get it off if it's wet still. If I don't notice 'till it's dry, it's usually too late and I have to take everything off. If it's not glaring though, I usually just leave it haha.

  6. Arezu says

    I know what you mean about make-up mistakes, sometimes you don't have time to fix it, or there's no way to fix it, and it can ruin a whole look, even though – like you said – nobody would notice except you, lol.

    For blush, if I put too much I buff it out with a kabuki, or I just take my moisturizer and blend it over my blush to diffuse it.

    Eyeliner mistakes suck, so I just try to perfect the line, or make my other eye somewhat symmetrical.

  7. Dye-A-Graham says

    If I get fallout..I put some makeup remover on my 190 MAC brush and easily swipe it away…and if I get too much blush I use my Sonia Kashuk powder brush and blend my MSF natural over it..works like a charm!

  8. Krystallia says

    Mistakes are always welcome especially in the morning or even at night if i am in a hurry!!So i try to keep it simple with my make up just to avoid getting furious,lol!!Just eyeshadow and mascara in the morning and some coloured eyeliner to underline my eyes…

  9. Farah says

    ugh hate when this happens!!

    The other day I had a shoot for a tv network and the call time was 7:30am (on a sunday!) so i was up at 6am… I drew my gel liner so thick but really had no time or desire to fix it..

    At the shoot all the women I made over said I want what you have I want my eyes to pop.. LOL sometimes our mistakes work out i guess!

    As for mascara ive learned to ALWAYS let it dry before attempting to remove it then just take a q-tip and rub it away 🙂

  10. faith120604 says

    I agree about letting mascara dry before I try to rub it away–wet it just smears all over (for me at least).

    I also agree with Cat about using QTips/cottonbuds with some MU remover. I prefer to get the ones with paper wands/middles so I can cut them in half and use the paper to soak up the remover. It makes a very good, precise tool and I don't have to spend extra for one of those MU remover pens. 🙂 Good post–I loved reading everyone's tips!

  11. Beautiful You by Laurie Lombardi says

    I use the revlon eraser pen…I LOVE it! good for all types of liner liquid/cream/gel or pencil. Its a great product.

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