How often do you…..

I was staring at my makeup brushes today and thought, “I should really clean those.” I can’t remember the last time I washed them thoroughly. That’s bad. I know that. Made me think of a blog post though. So now, it’s question time.

How often do YOU….

1) clean your makeup brushes
2) put sunscreen on
3) pluck/tweeze/wax your brows
4) get your hair cut
5) purge ‘old’ makeup

My answers:

1) not often enough. I used to clean with brush cleaner once a week and deep clean every two weeks. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t done it at all.
2) not often enough. I need to get in the habit and use everyday.
3) get them waxed every three to four weeks.
4) should be every 6 to 8 weeks but I haven’t had a cut since Feb! I need to go. Soon!
5) not as much as I should. I am a pack rat. Terrible habit.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

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  1. C. says

    1 – 1x per week, i hate the idea of getting breakouts so i constantly wanna sanitize my brushes like OCD about it >.<

    2- everyday, i use neutrogena dry touch sunblock moisturizer so i get the built in spf factor and i love it, its a great moisturizer!

    3-pluck maybe every 3-4 days

    4- omg, this is the worst for me, every 6 months? my hair is f.r.i.e.d lol

    5- never really, i always keep it cause i never know when i'll fall in love with it again ^^

    cute post!

  2. Mama Jen says

    1. i clean my brushes everyday, deep clean once a week

    2. i only put actually sunscreen on when i'm at the pool/beach

    3. i tweeze my brows everyday for the most part

    4. i get my hair cut every 3-4 months

    5. i never get rid of makeup i don;t have the heart to throw it away

  3. CINDY says

    1) 1x per month.
    2) SPF in my moisturizer but besides that i really don't use it unless i go to the beach or something.
    3) 1x a week bad habit and i like to perfect it. i swear its a habit. ha!
    4) every couple of months or whenever i feel its getting thick i get it thinned out or i do it on my own or ask my boyfriend (aspiring stylist).
    5) whenever i feel things get cluttered or things i don't use. but mostly i keep a lot of them.

  4. Rin says

    Great post!

    1. I clean my brushes whenever I get the chance to. They don't get a lot of use, I only wear makeup for special occasions or during the weekend when I feel like it so I don't really need to clean them that much.

    2. I use a moisteriser with a built in spf 15 so I get sun protection everyday.

    3. My eyebrows have been tweezed since I was 11 so I hardly get hairs that I need to pluck. Whenever I see a stray hair I'll tweeze it out, probably every 2 months or so.

    4. I never cut my hair unless I need to go shorter. This past year alone I haven't had a hair cut!

    5. I typically get rid of old make up once it's "expired", ie: it's been two years, etc. I have a lot of new stuff so I haven't had to do this recently, except to get rid of mascara that was drying up.

  5. Tiffany's says

    1) depends…
    foundation + blush + eyeliner/brow = 3x/week
    for all others= 1x/week
    i recently read about just the dust and bacteria that collect on brushes, especially if kept in a cup holder, and I got ocd about it

    2) not enough as i should… only when I know I'll be tanning or out int he sun all day. But my foundation has SPF!!

    3) tweeze= every other day or so…
    wax= 1x/month maybe

    4) omg! hmm…let's just say….1x every 6 months

    5) i don't throw away old makeup, but i don't use old makeup either…i just store it away from my daily makeup. for some reason i can never throw makeup away…

  6. Krystallia says

    I clean my brushes whenever i feel the are dirty enough,prob once a month and if i have used a vibrant colour i clean them immidiately cause i use mostly earthy colours and i dont have that many brushes :))I apply sunscreen every weekend that i go to the beach or if i go in the middle of the week.
    My eyebrows,i tweeze them every 2-3 days alone and once every 2 months when i visit my beautician:)I dont get a hair cut because i have curly hair so i can never have a different haircut and i did so during Christmas and maybe next Christmas will have another one,maybe not,lol!!Old make up i usually ask my friends if they want anything and rarely i throw away something,i'd rather use the same for a couple of weeks to finish it up:)))

  7. e.motion in motion says

    Hi there 😀 Thanks so much for following my blog & for the feedback on my skincare post (:

    I always want to try Cetaphil, heard it's really good. I think that's a good idea too lol, to simplify your skincare. I should try it~

    And for the ?'s,

    1. Not often enough! If I remember, I wipe them down with makeup remover wipes 😛

    2. Eeeevery day. This is a MUST for me since I never used any when I was younger and I regret it.

    3. I pluck mine every couple of days. I don't like stray hairs :/

    4. It depends. ATM I'm growing my hair out xD

    5. Not enough! I throw out lippies kind of fast tho since I don't use them often enough 😛

  8. Glitterish Allsorts says

    1) Not enough! eeeeek!
    2) daily 🙂
    3) They're threaded every 3 weeks
    4) maybe 3 times a year
    5) again, not enough!

  9. WinterBlossom says

    1. I clean the eyemake-up brushes after use and my blusher and highlighter brushes once a week maybe.

    2. Only use suncream on holiday really. I live in scotland so we don't get much sun. 🙁

    3. I pluck my eyebrows only when I can be botheres. Hate doing it. Usually get leazy and get them waxed every 2months.

    4. 2 or 3times a year I get my hair cut. Its expensive! lol

    5. I clean on may make-up every few months. Sometimes I only fling out a lipgloss and other times I'm more drastic. lol

    Great post. 🙂 xxx

  10. Robert Smith's Mistress says

    1) I have the Bare Essentials Quick Change which I use every day and then deep clean once a week.
    2) My moisturiser has SPF 20 which is enough for miserable Scotland! When I was in the states however, I got the Clarins SPF 40 which is amazing
    3) I go for a rather slim brow so this is allot of upkeep! Probably twice a week!
    4) I got butchered a few weeks back so it will take me forever to go again. For someone that LOVES makeup I HATE going to the hairdressers!!! I find it soooo stressful
    5) Every few months. I hate when I see how much I am throwing out but then there comes a time there is just no more room!!!

  11. UnicornSmile says

    1) I clean brushes every time I use them both on myself and others.2)I use sunblock spf 30+ 365 days a year.
    3)Brows – tweeze once or twice a week and get them waxed every 2 weeks
    4) Hair cut – every two months average
    5) Don't usually throw out makeup I usually use it all up. Mascara I throw away every 3 months though.

    Great post 🙂

  12. faith120604 says

    1) I used to be better about this. Now just once a week for deep clean and wipe them every other day.
    2) Daily, SPF 50. I burn easily and live in the southern US.
    3)Daily/Every other day, I tweeze. Rarely wax.
    4) Sadly, every two months. My hair grows quickly so I should really go more often to keep from resembling a sheep dog.
    5) Probably once a year, except for things that age quickly like mascara and lipsticks.

    Great post idea! 🙂

  13. Catherine says

    1. I wash all my brushes every 6-10 days, usually on Sunday morning. I try to clean my paintpot & concealer brush every night but sometimes stretch them out another day or two.

    2. I wear sunscreen on my face everyday. I wear sunscreen on my body on exposed parts if I take the bus to school (which requires 1/2 an hour of walking/waiting outside).

    3. I tweeze my brows every 1-3 days for the most part. Whenever the strays get long enough to pull out.

    4. I get my hair cut every 3-4 months. My hair is 100% virgin and I heat style once a quarter, if at all, so my ends are in pretty good shape usually.

    5. I purge every so often… not sure how often. Usually when things don't fit in my drawer or designated bins anymore.

  14. Vanessa [PinkObsession] says

    1. Once every other week.

    2. Never, which is horrible!

    3. Wax every other month.

    4. I cut and color my hair every 3-4 months.

    5. I only get rid of old makeup if I never use it at all,

  15. Michelle (Lipstick Rules) says

    Wow – I'm impressed by how good you all are about cleaning brushes.

    As for waxing, hair cuts, and esp. getting rid of old makeup…a lot of us are very similar! 😉

    thanks for commenting ladies! Loving your answers.

  16. Lyd says

    1) I clean them whenever I feel they're too dirty. Usually, in winter, it's once every 2 weeks.

    2) Everytime I go to the beach…eventhough I only need SPF 6 🙂

    3) tweeze them when I see there are too much hairs there…and that is not enough, I know ehehe…well I haven't been blessed with nice eyebrows anyways.

    4) I don't cut my hair as much as I should. Haven't gotten a haircut since feb. I'm going after the summer, because sun and water ruin it, so there is no point in cut it now.

    5) language barrier: what do you mean by purge makeup? eheehh…I suck!

  17. Arezu says

    I love this:

    1) I spot clean them regularly with MAC's brush cleaner (after every use), I shampoo them rarely, cause spot-cleaning makes them clean enough. I'd say once every 2-3 weeks.
    2) Rarely! I bought sunscreen a while back to protect myself but I never wear it.
    3) I thread my eyebrows whenever they get unruly. I'd say once every 2-3 weeks.
    4) Twice a year, or whenever I feel like a change.
    5) Hardly ever. I figure I'll need it for something one day!

  18. Lipglossiping says

    1). Once every couple of weeks except eyeliner brushes which get a wash after every use.
    2). Everyday, I burn too easily not to.
    3). Whenever I start looking scary
    4). I've just had my first proper haircut in 9 years, before that my Mum used to trim my hair every couple of months.
    5). Oh gosh, just done it for the first time in about 3 years (yikes!) got rid of loads though!

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