QOTD: Do you follow the ‘seasons’ when it comes to makeup?

Though it’s the middle of summer, I’m seeing a lot of sites like Temptalia and Makeupandbeauty Blog writing about the upcoming fall collections from our favorite makeup brands. I’m particularly excited about Lancome’s Declaring Indigo collection which features golds and navy blues, which I think is a bit unusual for a fall collection.

But while there are always seasonal collections, my makeup doesn’t really change much every season. I usually only pay attention to new collections for specific products that I think would work for me. I guess one area where I do tend to change with the season is lip colour. In the summer, I love corals but don’t tend to reach for these colours in the fall/winter.

How about you — does your makeup change every season? Are you looking forward to any upcoming collections?
Photo source: Lancome ‘Declaring Indigo’
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