Lipstick Love: Baiser Velours from Lise Watier (Review and Swatches)

BaiserVeloursEver go into a drugstore to pick up essentials, and end up getting distracted in the makeup aisle, and ultimately hauling way more than you intended? Yes? Whew, I’m glad I’m not alone. A few weeks ago, it happened to me while at Shopper’s Drug Mart where my intention was to pick up some lady stuff and shampoo. One hundred dollars later I found myself with said products…plus three lipsticks and an expensive but well worth the price Nuxe lip balm. Gah!

The one product I was particularly excited about was a Baiser Velours, a new liquid lipstick from Canadian brand, Lise Watier.  Read more

A Look At Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation (Review)


Most women can get by with having one foundation in their routine. That is the normal way of doing things. I, on the other hand, fall into an entirely different spectrum with 7, yes 7 foundations, in my repertoire. Addicted much?

For years, I’ve been faithful to Make Up For Ever’s HD foundation, Diorskin Nude and NARS Sheer Glow. Since last November, I added four more new foundations to my routine: Clarins Extra Comfort, Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation, NARS Luminous Foundation, and Diorskin Star Foundation.  Just because.

Today, I share with you my thoughts on the Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation, my very first Clarins product evah. I blame this purchase entirely on Laura and Simone, who have both said this is the ONE. With that kind of back-up, I just had to give it a whirl. Read more