Katy Kat Matte Lipstick in Catoure: Preview and First Impressions

Celebrity and makeup brand collaborations are becoming the norm it seems, and the majority of the time, I couldn’t care less. But this one from Covergirl and Katy Perry peaked my interest. Why? Well, truth be told. I’m a secret Katy Perry fan girl, err, fan woman (Who am I kidding? I’m no girl anymore ;-)) And this collaboration includes a lot of lipsticks, which as you know is my thing. So of course, I wanted to know more.

Available in May 2016, the Covergirl Katy Kat Collection includes 11 demi-matte lipsticks (even black!), plus a new mascara – in blue and black.

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A Tale of Two Liquid Lipsticks: MAC vs. NYX

Dance with Me_MAC

Thanks to hours of Youtube video watching, I’m kind of having a moment with liquid lipsticks lately.  Two products that recently entered my universe were NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Prague, a bright and bold cool toned pinky berry, and MAC’s liquid lipstick in Dance with Me, a gorgeous deep red. While both are stunning colour wise, I only have one of them in my collection now. One went back to the store. Can you guess which?

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A Bond Girl for a Day

I would never buy a lipstick because of it’s name. I haven’t gone that crazy…yet. But I’ve come close, particularly with Charlotte Tilbury’s Bond Girl lipstick. Love the name, love the lipstick.

I saw it first on Sandra, and it looked gorgeous on her. I felt like I needed to investigate further. After checking out other swatches I dove in and ordered it.

Thankfully, there are no regrets here. It’s a beauty, name and all.

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A Word about Makeup Purging

I have managed to do what I thought would be impossible. I purged a lot of makeup from an  out of control collection.Over the past six months, I’ve been letting go and it’s been liberating! As a result, I’m resdiscovering old favourites, finding products I totally forgot I had, and more importantly, I’m falling in love with this whole thing once again. I finally feel I can finally get back to the business of blogging, and not just focus on Instagram.


I still have a lot of work to do. I don’t mean to sound like I’m boasting but I have more makeup to last a lifetime or two lifetimes. Remember, I’ve been blogging for almost 8 years so it’s years of personal collecting/hoarding combined with press samples, which I was fortunate to receive (which thankfully slowed down in volume when I stopped blogging regularly). I can still get rid of more. And I know I can.

There’s something very refreshing about culling the collection and only keeping things that I really love or things I will actually wear. So good-bye bright green eyeshadows and lipsticks that make me look like the Walking Dead, and hello to things that make me feel great and spark a little bit of joy when I slap it on my face.

What’s new with you? Do you purge your makeup at all?